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What is main goal of Azam CNC Machining?

We are world best and oldest CNC machine shop in Pakistan and we are expert in any kind of insturments & CNC part machining like tools dies and Mold and hydraulic, pneumatic, textile, viler,cooking, cocktail, automotive, bikes gear and engine parts specialist.

World cheap and beatable price

Our first goal is to control part machining labour cost that every customer demand and we are world best competitors of those country who growing CNC business.

We provide all kind of part machining start from CAD to CAM and full finishing process on customer demand.
We have already worked on many projects for USA , CANADA,  AUSTRALIA, ARGENTINA, TURKEY, FRANCE, GREECE, HUNGRY, RUSSIA  AND some other Europe country and ARAB countries.

We request again to all our new customers they visit us and want more cheap rate Precision part machining that must contact us for adapt and fast work process.

Best Regards,
Amber Azam

CAD/CAM Engineer at Azam CNC Machining
Contact: +92-300-6472-348